CRIPPER - Hysteria

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There is more to life than there's to see

It's my self-imposed priority

See the core and how it's thrilling me

Me and lunacy a unity

Upside down

Inside out

Can't you see I'm ready now

To fall into place


Look what hate & anger have done


Look what hate & anger have done

Strong is the one

To reanimate

All the madness I need to survive

Straight in your face

Ask yourself

Why the hell only I can draw you out

Each time my heart missed a beat

Or where it cracked after deceit

I could complete the incomplete

And beg for chances to repeat

See me now?

See my way?

And now tell me once more that you don't know

What I mean

Hear my words and understand

To reunite before we end

Close your eyes, my dearest friend

And welcome all that I've to send

Are you with me?

Are you alike?

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