Crime Mob

Crime Mob - Run Up Get Done Up

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Run up run up we got de gun up

Haters that think we funnin dey get done up

Run up run up we got de gun up

Haters that think we funnin dey get done up

Stop schemin, and lookin hard

I got that ghetto platinum credit card

Make one phone call and fools gettin hurt

Niggaz, busters, bitches in skirts

Got a hoe in the house peepin out yo' safe

Get you naked, and duct tape your nuts to your waist

Horny *****, thought you was gettin some ****

You ain't gettin ****, ***** you got got

While I run your **** back over to the top

400 bottles of Moet gettin popped

Not even cops, can **** with Swift or the Diggler

Serve and protect, we gettin rid of ya

Put the green light on L.A.P.D.

Cause I'm tired of the motherfuckers fuckin WITH ME

I wanna bust, that's how I feel it

G ****, punk *****, we be keepin it real

Invisibility like Space Ghoster

I'm comin through in my Range Rover, shoot 'em up the party's over

Cause when I'm sober like to {? } in mines

I squeeze tight as some pliers, handle my strap, with these evil designs

To kill a *****, don't step in my path

A psycho maniac ***** raw killer it's a bloodbath

The aftermath, 'll make you laugh

Cold shoot 'em up like La-Di-Da-Di when that 45 hit his body

Drop his corpse to the motherfuckin pavement

It ain't no future in that California brave ****

I guess that you thought that it was all about you

But it's all about that one 8 double-oh, hit 'em up some mo'

Niggaz always causin, drama

But Too Swift I'm gettin calmer, plottin like the unibomber

Niggaz trippin off my conversations

It ain't no confrontations, when my strap {? } like installations

Now every day, all day, I'm only out for my riches

Busters and snitches be player hatin so I'm elevatin

Like elevators, regulate like regulators

Assassinate player haters, a lyrical motivator

Pull mo' raid than Raiders, so you think you can fade us?

Yes we snap like alligators and got mo' game than yo' fastest commentator

When my intellect, the dialect, subtractin conversations

Cause I'm a lethal weapon when it comes to confrontations

We get money, money I got

Makin haters hot when I whip in the drop

Ding dong it's the bell, once again it's on

Postman dropped the package out in front of my home

Could this be a setup? ****, man let me get up

Ain't nobody comin in here, they gettin wet up

Opened up the package, it was nothin but scrilla

We gon' throw another party, this is Hi-Life *****!

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Monday 5th of March 2012 09:44
love this's really energizing