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Crazy Heart movie - My Baby s Gone

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Hold back the rushing minutes<br>

Make the wind lie still<br>

Don't let the moonlight shine<br>

Across the lonely hill<br>

Dry all the raindrops<br>

And hold back the sun<br>

My world has ended<br>

My baby's gone<br>


The Milkman whistles softly<br>

As he comes up to my door<br>

Lyrics courtesy Top40db.<br>

The Mailman brings the letters by<br>

Just like he did before<br>

They seem so busy all day long<br>

As though there's nothing wrong,<br>

Don't they know the world has ended<br>

My Baby's Gone<br>




I wake up sometimes in the night<br>

And realize you're gone<br>

And then I toss upon my bed<br>

And wait for day to come<br>

I try to tell my lonely heart<br>

It must go on alone<br>

But it cries the world has ended<br>

My Baby's Gone<br>


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