Cramps - Surfin' Dead

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Ah, my favorite brain soup -

Cream of nowhere

Ooh baby, your asphalt eater hung ten

The hoedads and gremmies say you reached top end

So do the dead, through the lights

The surfin' dead, oooh make it tight

The livin' dead now baby lose their heads

Now baby, doin' the dead

Yeah you're a high-rev hauler with all four on the floor

But your a-bone's busted and you're through the door

So do the dead, juice the Coupe

Come on the livin' dead, ooh you're in the soup

The livin' dead now baby, like I said now baby, do the dead

Your carburetor don't carb, got a hammer down this

Your generator gens but your pistons don't work

Do the dead, run for ten

The surfin dead, c'mon turn it in

The livin' dead insist, it's the latest twist, do the dead

Run run run run, now do it

Stay sick!

You square brains out there better beware

Oh this phantom driver down in the ground

You better plant 'em right or they'll come around

Move out baby, move that mound

Or they'll dig it up and they'll shut you down

So c'mon, aw c'mon, aw c'mon . . .

Now life is short and it's filled with stuff

So let me know baby when you've had enough

Oh do the dead, turn blue

Yeah the surfin' dead, as dead as you

There's nothing on the radio when you're dead

There's nothing at the movie show when you're dead

There's nowhere left for you to go when you're dead

Do the dead, yeah do the dead

Do the dead, surfin' dead

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