Cramps - Let's Get Fucked Up

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Let's get fucked up. Let's get fucked up. Let's do some stuff. And get fucked up. Tomorrow we'll feel like we was hit by a truck. Let's get fucked up. Goin' to a cockfight. Burn with, burn. All my stuff in shock might. Never ever return. Goin' to the brink of Oblivion. Gonna need a shrink to get again. Let's get fucked up...Gonna get lowdown. Gonna get keyed up. Gonna go to town and get beat up. Gonna get way out. Gonna hit flameout. When my head caves in. Slip on nocturnal shades. Go down to amateur night. Do some purple haze. Probably lose some fight. Get cool and casual. Get really sent. Dig some cruel and unusual punishment. Let's get fucked up...

"Gonna need a shrink to get again"

Should be "Gonna need a shrink to get back again"

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