Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett - An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)

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I lay awake at 4, starin' at the wall

Countin' all the cracks backwards in my best French

Reminds me of a book I skim-read in a surgery

All about palmistry, I wonder what's in store for me

I pretend the plaster is the skin on my palms

& the cracks are representative of what is goin' on

I lose a breath, my love-line seems intertwined with death


I'm thinkin' of u 2

(Verse 2)

I lay awake at three, starin' at the ceilin'

It's a kind of off-white, maybe it's a cream

There's oily residue drippin' from the kitchen

It's art-deco necromantic chic, all the dinner plates are kitsch with

Irish Wolf Hounds, French baguettes wrapped loose around their necks

I think I'm hungry, I'm thinkin' of u 2

(Chorus x4)


Wonderin' what you're doin', what you're listenin' to

Which quarter of the moon you're viewin' from ur bedroom

Watchin' all the movies, drinkin' all the smoothies

Swimmin' at the pool, I'm thinkin' of you 2

(Chorus x8)

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