Count Raven

Count Raven - True Revelation

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A new time has come, a new time is here

the one from the pit has risen and soon he'll make us fear

This is the time yeah this is the time now listen to this song

I'm gonna tell You a little story foretold by the prophet John

It started after the war when Israel got their land

It was the new beginning for today's modern man

Foretold two thousand years ago, now we know it's real

They've ruturned to their land on Silverbirds with wings of steel

The year is 1989 the news shocked us today

the Berlin Wall has fallen as many Germans prayed

Revolution in the Eastern block we can't believe our eyes

It's not the usual situation of the average media lies

True Revelation that comes to every nation

True Revelation that comes to every nation

The future that is coming up holds new hope for our World

All will say "PEACE NOW" and weeping won't be heard

Then a young man comes out of Egypt, he'll unite the

Middle-East a fair politician our new holy priest

The World will be amazed "What an incredible man!" he'll

confirm the alliance, all religions will shake hands

There will be one economy and we will all be free

No more creditcards that he can guarantee

The system that is coming up will really end this hell

A mark on hand or forehead or You can't buy or sell

True Revelation that comes to every nation

A new Manifestation the chosen aggrivation

This is the future that You look into and there is nothing that You can do

His next seven years will really be something else, Y'know

People will be stunned and say: "Way to Go!"

Now all is good and everything is fine, at last we will have some

peace of mind Relax and take it easy in your seats and count

in the number of the Beast

True Revelation that comes to every nation

It'll shake the foundation, in fact the whole Creation

Hear me now, all people, this is what I say: If Your heart

loves the Lord than You will be O.K.

In this time of knowledge and love for our world, for Mother Earth

we all fight, our voices can be heard

The World will be a better place, East and West shaking hands

In front of a Worldwide Government we all have to stand

Yeah, soon we'll have a fair world and things look better for You

Then along comes the One - You know who

True Revelation the Final Tribulation

True Revelation Gods Manifestation

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