Corrupted - Gakko no Daichi (The Land of Moonlight)

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Indulged in lust and greed Defiled soul Sinful one who brought corruption Say, you judge before tasting the water? Rusty people break old rules And long for wealth and fame For their land of peace Disgrace the gift of land Tombstones to deceive the weak Destination for the travel of the defiled soul Polish to deceive King's assasin Roar of the soul yet to be ceased To the land of hope To the end of the ephemeral darkness Moonlight lights my dreams Ridicule to deceive the weak Sinful one's destination Filled at the bottom of darkness Wise men who rule contradiction In the hands of The sinful one Tightly gripped Lust Symphony of destruction echos continuously In the passing time Destination of power The roaming of the soul still continues The end of the last movements of the ph?tus Quest for truth in my mind Liberation of the sky is drawing near

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