Corina - Whispers lyrics

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There was a love

Once upon a time

A fairy tale

Her heart was blind blind oh

He lived for her

So happily ever after

Oh oh oh oh

I turn the page

The story fades as I call your name

It makes me so


I hear whispers at night

That you’re seeing somebody new

I can’t believe its true,

Baby this can’t be you

But if there’s someone else,

Baby then let me know

I never thought I’d ever have to let you go

Baby this can’t be you

Hello my love what’s going on on oh

Tell me baby

Aren’t you gonna prove them wrong wrong oh

I hear your name It’s not the same

Boy they’re saying things

Oh oh oh oh

Is this a game

Am I insane

No this can’t be real

It makes me so

(Chorus 2x)

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