Corina - Summertime lyrics

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Take me away, llevame contigo

I wanna play, querio jugar al la playa, en la tierra

La brisa que el mar trae

Querio estar contigo in the summertime [summertime]

Summertime, summertime...take me away

We can fall in love [summertime]

I'm looking at the rain outside

Please come and take me for a ride

I really want you

To come and take me far away, [I want to say]


Take me, take me to the water,

Summertime, summertime

Maybe, we can fall in love,

Summertime, summertime


I'm dreaming, lying on the sand

You come to me and take my hand

I can't believe it's true

But you called me out today, [I hear you say]

Chorus [2X's]

[Instrumental Breakdown 1]

[Chorus] [2X's]

[Instrumental Breakdown 2]

We can fall in love, summertime, summertime

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