Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Too Good For Me

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I was learning how to love and love and learn.<br>

I fell for a girl one county north of the town where I was born.<br>

She was the most athletic senior in the school where her mama taught.<br>

Popular and well-respected, everything that I was not.<br>

But I took a chance and stole a kiss in her daddy's living room<br>

Then drove home lonely in the dark, trembling heart and hands unglued<br>

Setting myself up for heartbreak. What could she see in me?<br>

Strung out with no plans for the future. White trash, filthy as could be.<br>

She was too good for me.<br>

She was too good for me.<br>

When she went off to college, I followed her out West.<br>

She hit the books and I hit the bar rooms,<br>

My head in the clouds with all the rest.<br>

Oh, she was too good.<br>

We got married early summer at an old plantation home,<br>

Both got jobs and starting paying a mortgage and student loans.<br>

A dog and cat like our two children, we don't sit and watch TV.<br>

Til the glass of whiskey I was drinking turned into two or three.<br>

We both knew something was missing 'bout the time that our first young one came.<br>

We trimmed a room with our Alma Mater, picked out a good boy's name.<br>

I watched in awe there as she labored, never felt so close to her.<br>

Hand in hand through every hour, it was all so beautiful.<br>

I cried Honey, you're too good for me.<br>

Still too good for me.<br>

Now I hear them gigglin' down the hallway.<br>

Man, I wish I had the time to play.<br>

But I've got a lot of work to do here.<br>

Yeah, we've got another one on the way.<br>

Oh, it's all too good.<br>

Too good for me.<br>

I ain't seen God but I know he's out there,<br>

Cause that woman still sleeps to the left of me.<br>

I've got more than any man could ask for.<br>

Lord, you've been too good, you've been too good for me.<br>

Oh, you've been too good.<br>

You've been too good for me.<br>


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