Corey Smith

Corey Smith - PRIDE

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I read P R I D E on the bulletin board

First year of my sophomore year

East pack on my shoulder

Nikes on my feet

To drag and slack, I was busting in my baggy jeans

I thought "pfew, whateva" and I rolled my eyes

When struttin' down the hall to get my voice hi5

The friends I made back then are my real friends now

I still see 'em when we go hang-out in town

Down the road from the halls we came of aging, now I get it!


PRIDE was a capital letter on my baseball cap

It's what held us together around this dot on the map

Now is the color I bleed and the stitches in my shoes

And my jacket match it bright

(Verse 2)

I read P R I D E on the cheerleader sign

On the field on a Friday night

I wouldn't know the team, wouldn't know the band

Just another 12th layin' up in the stands

Flyin' off my feet when the home team scored

Laughing at the visitors, pointing at the score board

Sure I got carried away, but I didn't mean wrong

Just a fan of where I was from

The stadium lights shine bright on us all

When the news withdraw


(Verse 3)

I was a country boy but I waddn't a redneck

A solid beast student on the college prep-track

I had ambition, plans of moving on

But I graduated college then I came back home

Because the trees grow strong when the roots run deep

And this town's the only place I go sound asleep

P R I D Ease in my heart and soul

It's something I want my children to know

So I keep believing, no plans on leaving me

Even if we have a loosing season


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