Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Maybe Next Year

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Times are a changing<br />

But I'm still the same ol' son of a bitch in the wind<br />

I act like I did back when I was a kid<br />

But it hurts me more than it did back then<br />

I go out on the town and make a fool of myself<br />

I run around with the same rowdy friends<br />

I get drunk and obnoxious<br />

And wake up the next day swearin' I'm never drinkin' again<br />

<br />

Yeah, my grandma still tells me<br />

Enough is enough<br />

Life ain't a game, son<br />

It's time to grow up<br />

<br />

[CHORUS]<br />

Maybe next year, I'll start acting my age<br />

Turn a new leaf over my wicked ways<br />

Get a real job and start pullin' my weight<br />

Only 365 days<br />

Until I change my ways<br />

<br />

I dress like a slob<br />

I never tuck in my shirt<br />

I let it hang over my baggy jeans<br />

I wear an old baseball cap on the top of my head<br />

With the logo of my favorite team<br />

Still got the same dirty mouth that I've had<br />

Since my first cousin taught me to cuss<br />

And I just quit my 9 to 5 occupation<br />

To play a whole bunch of songs I made up<br />

<br />

Yeah, I'm a big ol' kid<br />

But I ain't ashamed<br />

'Cause when the time comes around<br />

I know I can change<br />

<br />

CHORUS<br />

<br />

Maybe next year I'll quit blowin' all of the cash<br />

Start working out and get off of my ass<br />

Maybe next year I'll quit putting off all the chores<br />

Maybe next year I'll visit my grandparents more<br />

Maybe next year I'll go back to church and repent<br />

Maybe next year I'll pick up my Bible again<br />

<br />

I ought to straighten up<br />

And there's no better time than now<br />

To kick all the habits<br />

That are bringin' me down<br />

<br />

Maybe next year I won't be singin' the blues<br />

Maybe next year I'll start telling the truth<br />

Maybe next year I won't stay drunk all the time<br />

Maybe next year I'll have a little more peace of mind<br />

And maybe next year<br />

I won't be so sad when I'm alone<br />

<br />

Maybe next year

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