Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Happy Ever After

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Lately, I've been singing the blues<br />

For no apparent reason<br />

I lay around on the couch<br />

Piss and moan draggin' everyone down<br />

Maybe, it's always been in the bloodstream<br />

Maybe daddy was right when he told me<br />

Boy, you're just like your momma<br />

Keep your head up your ass all the time<br />

<br />

I feel like a fool<br />

Kickin myself black and blue for the choices I've made<br />

Down and out<br />

Stuck in the mud sinkin' fast gettin' worse everyday<br />

Good Lord, won't you throw me a lifeline<br />

A ray of hope in the sunshine<br />

Won't you help me to find my happy ever after, Amen<br />

<br />

Lately, I'm taking pills by the handful<br />

The doctor told me I need 'em<br />

Yea he wrote me a note and<br />

Said I hope you have a hell of a time<br />

They're too good, fill me up with a warm rush<br />

The newspaper don't upset me as much<br />

They ain't easy to swallow<br />

But it's better than sleepin' all day<br />

<br />

I'm high as a kite<br />

At least for the time been killin' the pain in my heart<br />

Lettin' go<br />

Of the guilt and the shame that are tearin' my life apart<br />

Good Lord, won't you keep me from crashin'<br />

In anyway, shape, form, or fashion<br />

Can't you fill my prescription<br />

Happy ever after, Amen<br />

<br />

Have mercy on me<br />

Hear my pitiful prayer<br />

I need your sympathy<br />

Cause it feels like nobody cares about me<br />

Since I quit takin' care of myself<br />

<br />

Oh I'm tired, tired of the struggle<br />

And tired of the lies that I've told<br />

But I'm scared<br />

Scared that my storybook ending will never unfold<br />

Good Lord, I'm not much for confession<br />

But if you can cure my depression<br />

I swear I'll do better<br />

Happy ever after, happy ever after<br />

Happy ever after, Amen

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