Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Feet Wet

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I got my sunglasses on, yeah, it's all about the attitude

Like life's a long summer & the world's just a big round swimmin' pool

Today I ain't in a rush, the water ain't goin' nowhere

So I'm takin' it thru a polarized lens to soften the glare


The pavement gets hot

It's been burnin' my soul

So I'm sittin' on a ledge

With my legs hangin' down in the waterin' hole


I could take a plunge, but hey why bother?

Everythin' looks fuzzy when u're underwater

I could hold my breath, but I ain't gettin' in ova my head

I'm good right now, I'm just gettin' my feet wet (uh huh)

Gettin' my feet wet

(Verse 2)

Gently down the stream, yeah, I'm keepin' it cool

Like life's a lazy river & I'm floatin' down it on my inner tube

Swirlin' around takin' in the scenery

I hear the birds in the trees & it sounds like they're all singin' to me


I'm half asleep

But I'm wide awake

And everythin' in the scene seems more like a dream

Without regret I take



Yeah, I remember when, I'd jump in head first off the divin' board

Hey daddy, look at me, can u believe I don't need those wings anymo'?

Learnin' to swim, it makes us brave but the older we get

The more we sit back and let the kids make waves


I could swim like a fish, but hey why bother?

I got a drink in my hand, it's goin' down like water

I ain't afraid of drownin', but I ain't gettin' in ova my head

Not today (ah uh uh), I'm good right now

I'm good right now, I'm good right now

Gettin' my feet wet, yeah (uh huh)

Gettin' my feet wet

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