Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Drinkin’ On My Mind

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Some days are better than others

Most of that otherness

I can't remember what I did last night

And my girlfriend is pissed

She ain't takin' my phone calls

She won't return my text

I can't find my truck, all my cash is gone

My t-shirt smells like sex


Whoa, I'm back in the gutter

Sangin' the same ole' song

I thought I could handle myself this time

Damn, I guess I was wrong


Why do I throw it all away?

Every single time?

Right when I get back on my feet

I get drinkin' on my mind

(Verse 2)

I used to be so cool, made the parties all complete

Now I just look sad when I stumble down the street

Folks like making fun, always pushing me around

You drunk ass fool betta check yourself

Befo' we put you on the ground!




I'm in crisis, a young man in trouble

Took a wrecking ball into my life

And now I'm just into the rubble

No damage control, the damage is done

All the bridges are burned and now I don't have anyone

I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a thief and a fool

I take whatever I can get, yeah, that's my golden rule

Lord knows I tried changing, but my will won't bend

I only hurt the ones I love in the end, friend

Stop and smell the roses, but the roses stink

Life sucks unless I'm old and I drink

I'm gonna run back home to my momma

She always lets me in

Even tho she told me 1000 times

I couldn't come back home again

I'm gonna lock myself indoors

I'm gonna shake these daemons loose

I'm gonna chalk all of my problems up

To the alcohol abuse


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