Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Blow Me Away

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I'm a solid rock, a chip off the mountain top

Finally chiseled by the wind and rain

I work out in the storm, keeps me in fighting form

No, I won't back down from anything

But you're like a stick of dynamite and I'm gonna light your fuse tonight

Get ready for a firework show


You blow me away

You blow me away

(Verse 2)

I'm a cold blooded cynic, I'm a stone faced critic

It seems like nothing's worth a double take

Yeah, I'm open-minded, but I've been color-blinded

Fed up and jaded by the hit parade

But baby, you're a work of art and I've tried picking you apart

But I can't, you'll simply bowl me over



I'm a shaky leaf upon a sycamore tree

Hanging high but barely hangin' on

I've been catching rays, I've making shade

Holding a shingle when the rains got strong

But I feel, Lord, I'm setting

And the green is setting from my skin

And oh, it's gonna be a long way down



I've been a solid rock

I've been a cold blooded cynic

I was shaky leaves

But you still blow me away

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