Corb Lund

Corb Lund - The Rodeo's Over

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the rodeo's over, the folks have gone home and the cowboys are all down the road well boys, she was a good un, we kicked a hole in the sky and even the rank ones got rode it was as wild as they come and it was almighty western and none of us thought it would end but finish it did, with a bang and a whisper and now i must leave you my friend we may do it again in some future season but somehow it won't be the same cuz our draws will be different and our injuries healed and it's likely the weather will change so take from the lessons and be glad for the memories of the days that we rode in the sun for after today, there'll be no man can claim that we didn't have us a good run so burn all the blankets and dry all the tears we can always go further out west and i'll meet you out there in the vastness somewhere i swear it but first i must rest

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