Corb Lund

Corb Lund - Big Butch Bass Bull Fiddle

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i been playin root-five for most of the night and most of the times, well, i don't really mind but once in awhile i get the chance to shine and look out, baby, when the stage is mine the good lord knows i do the best i can on the big, bitch, butch, bull fiddle baby here i am i got the black horsehair on my big bass bow a little meaner than the sorrel that was on it before sawin back and forth to meet the big bass drum and pretty soon you can hear the rhythm section hum i gotta buy an extra seat when i ride the airplane or the womens and the childrens and the pilot complain cuz it sure don't fit in the overhead bin and leavin her behind is bassically a sin yes, leavin her behind might save a little space and i ain't no slouch on the electrical bass but somethin kinda happens when the f-holes sing with the snappin and the poppin of the flat wound strings

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