COOLIO - Thru the Window lyrics

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(feat. Billy Boy)


I take a look thru the window and all I see is pain

burnin on my brain like some weird type of acid rain

or a virus, it's something that I can't explain

I use to be different but now it seems that I'm the same

as the rest of these hard heads in my hood

I'm livin foul even though momma raised me good

Everywhere I turn it and everywhere I look

everybody that I know is, livin like a crook, and the

The cops wanna throw the book

the kitchen sink, a upper cut and a left hook

How can I explain this battering that we caught, it

wasn't the way I was raised, it was the way I was taught

And the streets is a motherfucker (motherfucker)

But I be growin up like another sucker ('nother sucker)

I say the bomb be the last as I reflect on the past

with my face, pressed against the glass

[sample x4:] "Goin down slowly, slowly, goin down"

[Billy Boy]

In nightfall thru the window, a silhouette

Beads of sweat and the palm of my hand is still wet

So put the safety on the Tek because this ??? ??? started yet

So many yesterdays I can't forget

And now it's nighttime but it seem like daytime

Helicopter lights makin the bud light like sunshine on my mind

Crack addicts, kids with automatics

Thugs who want static and those who already had it

Manifestations of a spirit, trapped in a flesh cage

Mind in fifth gear, imagination rampage

My brothers is walking thru night like a thief in the night

Three strikes you're out because the color's not right

And all I axe is "Why we jack and fight?" and try to save enough right

and I'm wrapped too tiiiight, uhh

Blowin in the pistol, suckin on some indo, lookin thru the window

and that's all I see, uhh

[sample x4:] "Goin down slowly, slowly, goin down"


I'm hittin corners on the boulevard, lookin hard

Rims are shinin, sound is bumpin, I'm a superstar, yeah

Rollin in the ride and it's not mine but

that's alright cos I still feel fine

[Billy Boy]

Now I'm strapped with nothin but my mind and a screwdriver

Gimme twenty seconds at your skills like MacGyver (who?)

And I can take anything that I wanna take

but when you slip and push your fate, I'm parlayin off your paper like when



Yankee Doodle came to Jersey rollin on some Dayton's (Dayton's)

Kept an Uzi under his seat so fools wouldn't take him (take him)

[Billy Boy]

My homey had a cadillac sweeter than all the others

Went into the wrong hood, so they choked the motherfucker


That's how it goes (yeah) and that's how it feels (right)

New Jersey Drive is for real

That's how it goes and that's how it feels

New Jersey Drive is for real (ugh)

[sample x4:] "Goin down slowly, slowly, goin down"

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