COOLIO - Sticky Fingers lyrics

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Brainiac, with a zany act, cleptomaniac

Before I go to work I smoke me a fat sack

Of indo, then climb through the window

And eye the VCR, and load it in the Pinto, huh!

Yes I'm on my way to the bait

or should I say the pawn shop, but I don't smoke rocks

Some people say I'm crazy and they think I'm on crack

Cause I hock all the shit and I never get it back

Coolio loco, you better call Bronco

Stole a link from my auntie, and sold it to my uncle

Took the flowers from a hearse, romanced a nurse

Put the girl to sleep then I went through her purse

Bandit, underhanded, yes I'm skanless

Snake in the grass fool, I'm taking chances

If the price is right, you can call me a killer

Before I was a rap singer, they called me Sticky Finger

("But he's stickin you, and takin all of you money" -- Guru)

("I ain't never got gaffled like that" - JD)

("Don't, you blink, or I'ma rob your ass blind" - Sticky Fingers)

("What you doin stickin in that people's window?" - Richard Pryor)

("Gimme that...") big fat dope sack

("Gimme that...") ca-di-llac

("Gimme that...") big gold chain

("That's the life, a-that I lead" -- Run-D.M.C.)

Coolio call me shady, janky, slick right

You and your crew better duck from my gunshots

I takes no shit, carryin no drama

If I can't get you I bust a cap on your momma

I never had a grip, so I learn how to shoplift

My trenchcoat is long and now I got some fresh shit

Yeah, buddy, sht's lookin good

Gets much props and respect from the hood

Caps from my raps and a trunk full of hubcaps

Step to the crew, and you're bound to catch a pimp slap

But I don't pimp no bitch for my dough

They got somethin I want, I just rob the hoe

Early birds catch the worm so I crow like a rooster

They follow me round the store because they know that I'm a booster

Tell me what you want and I'll be the stealer

Call me Coolio, or call me Sticky Fingers


("First they do' ring, now they mob ring")

("Told you before, you shouldn'ta never fell asleep" - Big Daddy Kane)

("Give it up, give it up, give it up")

I don't wanna go to jail cause I don't like the lockup

Turn out the lights and get ready for the sock up

One plus three equals four for the knockout

Got circles on that ass like a Mike Tyson PunchOut

You better hide your shit if you wanna keep it

I'm driving down the street in your 'llac while you're sleepin

I was born with a sickness, that they call brokeness

Never said I was the best, but I'm damn sure the loc'est

Up, up, and away, like a rocket

Some fool got shot, now I'm goin through his pockets

He won't be needin no dollars where he's goin

And when I get to hell I'ma act like I don't know him

I'm takin everything that ain't bolted to the floor

And before I go I steal the knocker of your front door

Let me be free for I'm a thief and a gangster

Before I was a rap singer, they called me Sticky Fingers

("Yeah we want everything... do you have any dreams, we want them too")

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