COOLIO - Malcolm's Hermaphrodite Paradise (Gangsta's Paradi lyrics

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As I walk through the corridors of my dildo shop

I take a look at my cock and realize its fallen off

'Cuz I been suckin' and fuckin' so long

That even my momma thinks my dick ain't that long

But I ain't never crossed a gay that did deserve it

He be treated like a gimp you know that's unheard of

Ya betta watch who you suckin' and who ya fuckin'

'Cuz you and your homos might be men all along

I really like the dick and when he shoots his load

As of now I see myself in the semen moat

Homo, I'm the kind of gay that all you hermie's wanna be like

Suckin' dick on their knees for crack in the street lights

Repeat Chorus 4x:

Been spending most my life

Livin' in a hermaphrodite's paradise

Oh ah ohhhhhhhh

They got the phallus which I am now facin'

I ain't never thought I could deep throat

But I gotta take it deep for the hermies

Too much dickie suckin' got me chasin' police

I'm an ugly lookin' hermie with penis on the mind

Got a 10ft rubber dildo, and some sperm in my eye

I'm a low down dirty homo trippin' faggot

And when the hermies go down I don't wanna rouse their anger

Fool, ain't nuthin' stoppin' me from givin' them some pussy

But I live life as a hermie, what can I say

I've got a 4 incher but will it fit in his ass

But the way things are goin' I don't know

Tell me why, are we so gay as me,

And ass ram the ones likes you and me

Repeat Chorus (4x)

Penis, after penis, ass after ass

Rapin' after rapin', semen after semen

Everybody's leavin' but I don't think I can take it

Take it out of my colon

'Cuz I think I'm bleedin'

They say I gotta learn how to suck it

But no gimp's here to teach me

If they can't understand then how can they rape me

I guess they will, I guess it's soon

I guess I'm fucked

That's why I gotta live life with an ass plug

Repeat Chorus til end

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