COOLIO - Kinda High Kinda Drunk lyrics

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Got kinda high and uhh kinda drunk

Beer drinkin, beer-beer drinkin, eight ball

Chorus: repeat 4X

Got kinda high and uhh kinda drunk

Beer drinkin, beer-beer drinkin, eight ball

Verse One:

I'm sittin' at the bar with a hundred dollar bill

The homies is runnin' late so I got some time to kill

I'm peepin' out this freak in the booth in the corner

I think I seen her rollin a Noble, nosin under and moanin

Two hookers walked in and they was lookin' for a vic

But they, kept on passin' me by coz they can recognize a trick

Twenty minutes later and two double shots of yak

I take a look up at the clock, now where the FUCK the homies at

I feel my pagers on my hipbone, who could it be

Cuz I done talked to everybody that I was 'sposed to see

Hahaa! Now I know, the story is told

And I don't even call 'em back cuz they don't know the homie cold

I recieved a page my niggers from the phone in the back

I got a wink from a fine ass sista dressed in black

Another double shout of yak and now the room is spinnin'

But that's only the beginning, god damn!


Verse Two:

I take a walk out to the front to get myself some air and

see if I see the homies, but they still ain't there

There's a fool outside drunk and he want to get into it

I was strapped I coulda killed him, but I didn't do it

I opted for the walk-away, watch the busta talk away

So mister policeman, you can put your chalk away

I mobb back in the club, and, kick it at my table

Cause, niggaz be acting stupid, and stupid shit is fatal

The homies is hella late, and now I'm startin' to think

Homegirl that gave me the wink from earlier just bought me a drink

She's sittin' at a stool at the other side of the bar

Doing tricks with her tounge and a cherry like a porno star

The club is gettin' packed and the party is jumpin

Another double shot of yak and I'm on the dancefloor bumpin'

She's licking in my ear and, now I'm feeling faded

It's 11:35 and the homies still ain't made it


Verse Three:

Now I'm on the dance floor with baby and, shit is gettin' hectic

The big homey done erected, damn I've been affected

By the funk in the boom and the booty in the room

This ain't the Commodores but this Brick House got me on zoom

Now I'm mackin and struttin and asking baby wassup

My name ain't Everlast, but I can still make you jump

let's, hope in the Q and go somewhere and kick it like some Trojans

We can do a little drinkin, and do a little smoking

When all of a sudden I start sweatin', my stomach starts bubblin'

I hear earl coming, I think I'm in trouble *vomit sounds*

Ahh shit, I got baby on her titties

I guess there go my chances of gettin with her kitty

I turn around and stumble away and there go the homies with

long ass trenchcoats on, laughing, sippin on 40's

Now I'm in the back of my own car curled up like a punk

Cuz I got too high and uhh, got too drunk


[Big throw up S-P-L-A-S-H]


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