COOLIO - Drama lyrics

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["So much drama in the..." -- Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Verse One: Ras Kass

No disrespect to the opposite sex

But I ain't flexed punani yet that's worth my royalty checks

Men be trying to get laid, women be trying to get paid

So, somebody gotta get played... {right}

Now you claim I'm runnin game and still let us run the train

Pulling Coolio's braids, it wasn't me, it was the fame

Let a dame complain about disrespecting my African queen

Ass hangin out them Daisy Dukes jeans, jockin

Damn I love civilization

Wants to know my occupation home location and means of transportation

The correct combination unlocked your placenta

I got a cellular phone with a rubber antenna

on a three story house, drive a four door Ac

Favorite song of all time Mobb Deep's "Hit It From the Back"

Then jet, I turn a bitch into my favorite

She know my name cause I got more game than Sega CD

Chorus: Coolio, Ras Kass

You know it's drama, but it sound real good (3X)

You knew the game, and you still ended up on your back

You know it's drama, but it sound real good (3X)

You knew the game, and you still ended up on your back

Verse Two: Ras Kass

I try U.N.I.T.Y. but why?

Cause when I was lackin, bitches made me want to roll over and die

So now I lie, cause bitches are like flies {why?}

They attract to the best shit {oh!}

You gotta play Max Julian's role unless you plan on being celibate

Cause bitches want the money clip and whatever dick that comes with it

{The bitch} saw me in the Lex and didn't know it came from Avis

Now she's on the Tip like my name was John Davis

And I'm knowin what she thinks {what?}

I'ma sweep her off her feet because I bought the hoe a drink

Bitch, haha yeah I'm living nice, got a two o'clock flight to Atlanta

{Tomorrow} so maybe we can kick it {tonight}

Right there I knew my dick was getting wetted

Cause I played into this bitch's Cinderella complex

Whatever you want to hear, I can say

Forget the bitch the next day, instant replay


Verse Three: Coolio

Yo Ras, let me talk about these bitches for a minute

But let's get it straight, when I say the word bitch

I don't mean all women

Cause hookers come a dime a dozen if you thought they wasn't

You can hit this hoe today, and tomorrow you can hit her cousin

Or her mama, you gots to have drama

Nigga flash some currency and go up in her auntie!

I'm talkin bout the skanless type loc

You know the type that seem to like the taste of swipe

Check it

When it comes to Saving Hoes Coolio ain't in it

Don't call me Captain, general, sergeant, or lieutenant

This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh

I gave the bitch my autograph, and she gave me some ass

But as soon as the hoe tried to get in my pocket

I shot her ass away from me *schch* like a skyrocket

Take it from a G, period, no comma, to keep these hookers

on they toes... you know the rest


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