COOLIO - Can U Dig It lyrics

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Uh! Yeah! What Up?

Verse 1:

I know y'all wanna take me down

I know y'all wanna see me get clowned

I know y'all wanna take my sound

And put a nigga like me in the lost and found

But I refuse to fade

I'll stay this way

Spreadin venom in the mic till I'm old and gray

And now niggaz wanna attack me

Flip-flop and back me

But fool you's a mackey

I'll starch your ass like some khakis

Your shit is tacky and you better play the backwoods

Me and my crew will use your cd for a hackey sack

Imagine that

And it shouldn't be hard

Cause your style ain't large

And you wanna make all the profits with crowbars

Can U Dig It?

When nothin can save it

Shock your ass like a phaser

Burn and cut like a laser

Amaze you, with this flava

I run with a pack of tennis shoe playa's


Can U Dig It? *singing* Can U Dig It?

Can U Dig It?

Can U Dig It? *singing* Can U Dig It?

Can U Dig It?

Verse 2:

The first law of age is called survival

That's why I'm deadly on revival

And it's vital

To my basic instinct

That all wack mc's become extinct

Because we on the brink

Or, should I say the edge

Like a schizsophrenic with seventeen personalities walkin on a ledge

Then you can't see the black cause it's blocked by the blue and the red


And scandalous ass hoes

Waist deep in the shit, it's still smellin' like a rose

And I suppose

You want me to play superstar

And when I see you on the street act like I don't know who you are

So, you can run back and tell that

But I wont do that

So, fool you can chew that

To all sucka mc's you better beware

I been conjurin up forces way back in my lair

And my crew don't scare

And we don't care

We act, we wear, I swear


Verse 3:

It's the thrilla

Straight outta Compton, not Manilla

Got a chokehold on the mic like I was M.C. Gorilla

Take this to the heart for real a

Don't you ever try to steal a

Like AIDS this shit came like gin a

Might fuck up your liva

Call me Pharoh cause I'm floatin bustas up the river

When I deliver

Make your sister and your grandma shiver

Top feelin steadily rakin up the scrilla

Kickin back in my easy chair sippin on some Henna

?Exol? cause my whole crew is locin

And fools always tryin to fix shit that ain't broken

I'm down with pixies so you don't wanna see me

So, grab everyone in your crew and disapeer like a genie

Never said I was the best but I ain't the one to be testin

Cross the line and in pieces you'll be destined

Don't stop, get it, get it

Cause I blow up the spot everytime I grab the mic and hit it, hit it

Chorus, Repeat 3X

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