COOLIO - Can I Get Down 1X lyrics

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Verse 1, Coolio, Malika:

I'm gettin bunions from all the disrespectful sisters in my face

I give love

But when push come to shove

I'm 'posed to solo

Diggin me out the ditch

(Hey, hey, Cool, give me some chips, fool) Ain't that a bitch

Ain't no cash just fallin out the sky

You hella high

But why why did she touch the tie?

But I start on full wit a gangsta limp

Morris couldn't see this pimp

I'm backslappin gimps

True, I'll be in the cut, but you notice me

Try to throw with me

Now you wanna roll with me, fate

I'll lead you left instead of right

Tonight's the night

So, let's get the situation tight

I hear 'em tryin to playa hate me on the under

My momma said, "Never let a sucker take you asunder"

Don't be gettin outta line where it concerns mine

It might be your time, but it's my rhyme

Chorus, Coolio, Malika:

Can I get down one time to make the people say yeah

And nobody wont care?

Can I get down one time without

All the criticism and media in my business?

Can I get down one time and release my rhyme

And speak my mind?

Can I get down one time?

Can I get down one time?

Verse 2, Malika:

I take my picture with a smile like Jack

Cause I'm back

You picturin all them chips in stack

I got love, though, don't be no stank hoe

I'm not fallin for the gank, yo

God I thank, though

Enemies it's your decision

The gift I been givin

Got you in the life I'm livin

Watch your sane, sane like Marley Mike

Your game ain't right

You be slippin every night

I'm hoverin up in the nest with the claws out

Cause he had his paws out

When he paused out

He's out, now it's in with the new

In with the two

You know how these thieves do


Verse 3, Malika, Coolio:

I can't do what I want, or how I wanna

This shit is drama

So what is it you want, huh?

We tryin to make it to the tizzy

I'll be a hella busy bee

The gizzy

Through the frizzy, is we

Tryin to have somethin

We goin off frontin

Cause nothin leaves nothin

And nothin means we head bumpin

Pumpin, no punk can hit this, my stable

Twistin me a fable

Somethin sweet like sable

You shoulda reached out and grabbed it and got his pay nice

Jealousy got him dropped, with his neck sliced

Liquor be revelain

The homies true feelins

So, I be willin

To turn into a villian

Then if you're still with me

You got to chill with me

Bustin lyrics with a skill when they deal with me

Never senseless

Thank you for your business

And I got more rhymes

Than L.A. Times got headlines

Chorus, Repeat 4X

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