Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst - Lonely at the Top

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It's lonely at the top of that upside down mountain

Watched the sunrise from a windowless room

If the paramedics stop, the soul goes on without them

In a whicker basket tied to a balloon

There are no boundaries to love

The heart can comprehend the panorama

I took it on the chin from some second hand feeling sorrow

Handed down to me it felt brand new

Tiny violins or some summer insects listening

Another season leavin' us too soon

Freedom's the opposite of love

You'll never keep it through the paranoia

Standing on the edge of a million landscapes emptying

The water from the glacier fills my shoes

Lying in your bed, my dreams are sex and violence

I chased the rapist chasing after you

There is no dignity in love

Trade every scrap to get some absolution

Till then I'm walking out the door

Till then I'm runnin' through the airport

Till then I'm waiting round for no one

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