Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst - Breakfast In Bed

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If you take a step, I will make you sure that you take the next If you tell a lie, I'll just nod my head, yeah, I'll let it slide Cause you woke me up, and there's birds outside, and I still feel drunk But I'm glad you did, cause last night you weren't making that much sense. You said you wanna die, now you say you wanna live You said you loved me after fourty five minutes If this is all a game can you just say it is? I'll do it anyway, so it makes no difference We should order up, wash the wine out of the coffee cup They got bread and fruit, there's probably not much else for you. We can lay around, you can kiss me til the maids come kick us out. It's eleven now so make every second count But back in New York they can't ever find this out There are things we do, that we're really not allowed We can say anything, but we just can't say it loud. I hope you always find someone to take you home To put you into bed, kiss your cheek, and check your pulse Make sure you're still breathing, with their hand up to your nose I wish that could be me, but it's just not possible.

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