Collie Buddz

Collie Buddz - Old Times Sake

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'I Vibes


Na, na, no, yeah I woahh yeah yah na na no

Na, na, no, yeah I woahhhhhhhhh


One Girl what ya doin tonight

Memories of you on mi bedside

'Member di times make you feel alright

Good tings once gon' again we come collide

So girl whatchya doin all alone tonight

You could be right 'ere on mi bedside

Relax and cool while mi dim de lights an make ya feel alright yeah na, na, no

[Verse 1:]

Mi love ya shade girl

The way ya move ya curves got mi weak unda yer spell

Mmm, an ya nah fah' (fake) girl

Say whateva [? ] on ya min' if ya feel compelled

Plus! Di vibes you create girl

Are not somtin all di crop no drug could ever duplicate

Mi opened up the gate girl

So come pass through fi all time sake well na, na, no


[Verse 2:]

Let's take it slow girl

Bus' 'er back [? ] fuck on mi yacht ya gone

Yes I know girl

It seemed kinda different still b'ca it's been so long

So just got with di flow girl

An' mos' di time dep on di sign make mi (thump?) on it long (Very hard to judge possibly inaccurate?)

Ya call mi 'pon di phone girl

And tell mi say ya all alone

So make mi tella no [? ]


[Verse 1]


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