Collie Buddz

Collie Buddz - Defend Your Own

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Yeah ya know

nah nah nah

outta road you have to defend your own



Now ease off, squeeze off, pop it off

Now Ease off you have to defend

your own so,

Now ease off, squeeze off, pop it off

Now ease off, you have to protect

your own now

Full clip, banana clip, hollow tip,

yeah it a fling if a bwoy trip,

in here now

Full clip, trigger nah stick, rubber grip

Bullet a fling if a bwoy slip.



Them a no badman, them always talk bout them a

gangsta of the century,

Whe them a do, whe them a try, come dis badman

fool that a tempt we,

Me no care how much bling you have, bullet a boar

through you and your Bently,

Almighty God a protect we,

Yeah, me bun the sweet sensi,

Keep my mind off of badmind, hypocrite, and people

who envy,

Come a try to take what is mine, bwoy, de clip get


Dont bother talk about six shots, pussy, I

bust twenty,

protect we,

nah nah now,



You betta keep a weapon to protect your own

I keep an automatic steady ready get this on

I put it right up to yo dome then I wet the chrome

And when I kill u the da feds come and

Im long gone

Dont try to tell me you anit heard about

a nigga (bone)

Lyrical killer Im fienna let the trigga go

Anybody think is sweet can let a nigga know

We can get it on in the middle of the flo

U wanna battle I I tell u no lie

Its a suicide Its a suicide

Who am I Im the truth no lie nigga

Fool with I and you all die

True protection sawed off selection

Head your neck no longer connection

Huhh Huhh killah killah



21, Gun Alley, White Hill,

T.H.c. from top of the Hill,

M.O.B., Rubber Tree, J.V.C., O.R.C.

Them bwoy bad eeee,

42, Middle Town, Deep Dale, Frontine,

Badman from way back longtime,

Shady Corners, Hollywood, Parkside,

Southside, you dont want them come


Green Acres, do I have any takers? Them bwoy ago

make you meet your maker,

Devils Hole mon a no fakers, done you

like how the Spurs done the Lakers,


Breaker, breaker, breaker,

St. Georges, St. Davids,

Get lost out round there and nobody can save ya,


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