Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids - One Song at a Time lyrics

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I am over too exposed

Easy target to dispose

Are you saying something?

Find an inch to pay a soul

Pressure for the catapult

Do not miss your moment!


One song at a time

One song at a time

One song at a time

One song at a time

(Verse 2)

Find a way to do what takes

Dynasty humiliates

Do your best impression

Claim to start up counterfeit

Not becoming your own name

Powers of persuasion



Shizzle spark, has he known?

Isn't that a dose of you?

Tell me what's the difference!

We need another narcissist

I could hold business here

Whatever makes you discern



Only I became

All the dream to entertain

How do I feel straight?

While my heart is under space?

(Chorus x2)

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