Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids - Broken Open

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I locked my keys in the car

I’m pleading for some change

The meter treats me like a stranger now

Flashing zeros

I’m juggling a drink too full

While tugging on a leash that you pull

And jogging my memory for

The way to your door

I have been broken open

By my most trusted friend

I was too wild card

You were their safe bet

Ive been broken open

I’m up and down that way

It’s easier to say that I’m doing okay

Than bother to explain

The water rising

Threw out your crystal ball and your weather vain

Picasso don’t pre-meditate he just paint

Tonight it’s so easy

To overflow

I have broken open

Was a perfect gentleman

Now I’m smashing champagne, tying cans

Feel like celebrating

I have been broken open

Dug to china with their hands

When you asked me if I'd like to dance

I’ve been broken open

Flow over me, flow over, flow

Over flow

It feels so strange to feel good

And when I was the fire you were wood

So when I was petrified

You understood

I have been broken open

This was not my master plan

I was comfortable watching from the stands

I have been broken open

All my edges are exposed

I was once content alone

Now you are the one that I call home

I’ve been broken open

Flow over me, flow over, flow x7

Thanks to IronCobra for correcting these lyrics

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