Coil - Who By Fire lyrics

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The sleeping explorer, his wandering mind, crossed over the boarder, the mind the lake a cemetatary where the corpses are turning, where the bodies twist deep in the frozen grip of a dreamless sleep, when the lost cries rose up like a wreck from the deepths, he hears night calling, he has dreams of waking here in this brightness, the death white soul like me, he sees who has burnt in ice and reads, that the world is all owned in the body of Christ, effects of the annimal, animal sound effects, he says, death's here my friend, he's promised me a quick end. The world is in pain and should be put down and God is a sadist and that he knows it. The deaths of the nice guys reflects in his eyes. He says, everything changes, nine lives wise, and everyone dies. And the ????? and the God of most dreams and the playground rolls in like an underground train. Forever comes closer the world is in pain, we all must be shown the mystery of lives, that everyone changes and everything dies.

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