Coil - Things Happen (by Annie Anxiety-bandez) lyrics

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(Kill the creator!<br />

Send them the bomb!)<br />

Daddie, do you have another<br />

Cigarette for me, I think<br />

Maybe is getting late<br />

Maybe time is running out<br />

You know, I knew somebody once<br />

Rifled through his drawers<br />

I wasn't that suspicious, but<br />

You know, these things<br />

They happen<br />

But, munyeca<br />

Do you have a towel?<br />

See those people gather round<br />

Baby do you have a light?<br />

What's it like in Ohio?<br />

What d'you want to call me,<br />

Munyeca?<br />

Honey, do you like my dress?<br />

You know, I think the colour pink<br />

Suits my complexion<br />

Or is it a reflection<br />

Of the sky outside, you know<br />

Why those people<br />

Crowding around?<br />

You know I think your time<br />

Is running out<br />

What was your name, anyway?<br />

No lipstick on his collar, but<br />

Maybe it was blood<br />

I don't know to this day, Dear<br />

Do you have another, uh,<br />

Did you light that cigarette for me? Oh!<br />

Did you leave that on the side?<br />

Do you have another<br />

Cigarette for me, you know?<br />

Well, I had somebody once<br />

You know, we used to cook a lot<br />

It was a..<br />

Do you like chillies in Ohio?<br />

Munyeca. Yo te ciaro.<br />

Yo te ciaro Ohio. Muy bonito.<br />

Where did I leave my matches?<br />

I thought they were on<br />

The table there<br />

By the way, did you..?<br />

Do you have some cash for me<br />

Because you know I have to get a<br />

Cab somewhere, after here.<br />

You know, I don't want to push you,<br />

But.. uh..<br />

You know, I've got to go somewhere<br />

There's something burning<br />

In the kitchen<br />

Did I put the peppers in?<br />

I don't.. uh.. uh.. Oh dear..<br />

Why are those people crowding<br />

Round me in the street<br />

You know you have to watch<br />

Yourself, don't you?<br />

Just a bit..<br />

It's a bit of a commotion<br />

It must be like that for you<br />

A little bit..<br />

Nice meeting you..<br />

I have no regret.. but<br />

I did feel a little bad<br />

You know<br />

It's kind of like..<br />

You know what it's like.

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