Coil - Slur lyrics

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Roman landOf Roman sandsAnd Roman sons.

As I watch the sunsink downOn the bloodred edgeOf the

bloodred townThere are shadowsfor saleOn the edge of

townAt the edge of the nightIs a darkness seenFrom

the sideof the light(From the sideof the night).

And the windsblow roundthis sleeping townThis sleeping

townThis Roman landOf Roman sandsAnd Roman sons.

And it seems to meThat when Iclose my eyesAll the lights

in the worldGo outAnd the nightpasses byAnd you whisper

to meA thousand liesI stare in surpriseTowards the

desert'swarm blackAnd the desert stirsAnd the desert

staresbackWith a thousand eyesPiercing eyesAncient

eyesAnd I ask my lover"Do you knowWhere the desert rosesbloom and grow?"

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