Coil - Circles Of Mania lyrics

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Nero's long hot tongue <br />

Nero's long hot <br />

Tongue licks... <br />

This is the sound <br />

Of the world <br />

Turning round <br />

The underground <br />

Sound <br />

This is the sound of the <br />

World turning round <br />

The world <br />

Spinning round. <br />

You get eaten alive <br />

By the perfect lover. <br />

I fell in <br />

To a burning ring <br />

A burning ring of <br />

Knives <br />

And the knives <br />

Slide in <br />

They slide deep <br />

Into my skin <br />

And they open me <br />

So wide <br />

That you stick your <br />

Head inside <br />

You get sewn <br />

Inside alive <br />

You get eaten alive <br />

By the perfect lover <br />

When you've <br />

Swallowed one <br />

You just <br />

Swallow another <br />

To drive away <br />

This hunger <br />

You stay in <br />

There forever <br />

Caught in the centre <br />

Of a circle of manias <br />

Chemical Angel <br />

Enters arena <br />

Toro D'Or <br />

Falls to the floor <br />

Fucking the ground <br />

The hole in the ground <br />

And hot wires sing <br />

Deep in my skin <br />

I'm writhing... <br />

Perspiring... <br />

Like Dutch Schultz at <br />

106 degrees... <br />

And I wake up licking <br />

I wake up licking the <br />

Bedsheets clean <br />

Licking and <br />


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