Coil - Ascension lyrics

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Featuring Missy Elliott Mocha] <br />

[Missy] <br />

Ficky ficky <br />

Uhh uhh <br />

Ficky ficky <br />

Uhh uhh <br />

Ficky uhh ficky uhh uhh <br />

Uhh Uhh <br />

Ain't no you without me <br />

And that's for real baby <br />

And ain't no you without you <br />

So what's the deal baby <br />

And I got five little fellas trying to talk to me (say what) <br />

But see my mind is on you so it don't matter to me <br />

[Nicole Verse One] <br />

What you've been giving me <br />

I like the way it feels <br />

Won't trade it in for nothing <br />

Please don't take your love away <br />

Cause if you leave, I'd never be the same (be the same, same, same) <br />

Oh no no no (1-2) <br />

I may be young in age <br />

But I know I'm in love <br />

I don't care what they say <br />

They don't know a thing about us (a thing about us, thing about us) <br />

Cause you've got my back and I've got your trust <br />

I'm not trying to see you without <br />

[Chorus] <br />

I can't see me without you <br />

I can't see no you without me <br />

That's something <br />

I can't conceive <br />

Cause there's no me without you <br />

[Missy] <br />

Verse Two <br />

[Nicole - Verse Two] <br />

Girls tried to separate us <br />

And make me lose my cool <br />

Your best friend tried to play you <br />

But I held it down for you <br />

Thatt, just to show my love is true (is true) <br />

The times came when I thought I couldn't <br />

Live without your love <br />

But I just couldn't shake you <br />

Memories of you weren't enough <br />

Now I know that I'm living for your touch <br />

And I'm not trying to see without <br />

[Repeat Chorus] <br />

[Missy] <br />

Take me to the bridge <br />

[Nicole - Bridge] <br />

There's no me without you <br />

There's no you without me <br />

I can't see it <br />

I can't feel it <br />

I ain't even trying to hear it <br />

(repeat x2) <br />

[Nicole - Rap] <br />

Travel the seas at a high speed <br />

For your L-O-V-E <br />

Dealing inequality <br />

Exchanging car keys <br />

B.S. freeze <br />

On top of all situations <br />

Relationships are long term <br />

And plus I deal with patients <br />

I try to fight this feeling <br />

This really good feeling <br />

I can't see <br />

Sometimes I feel I'm illing <br />

All we need to is intrigue in this love thing <br />

You and me make the world thing <br />

I can't see <br />

[Repeat CHORUS x2] <br />

I can't see <br />

I can't see <br />

Nobody but you and me (yo yo yo) <br />

I can't see <br />

I can't see (that's something I can't conceive) <br />

(Cause there's no me without you) <br />

[Missy] <br />

Nicole Wray <br />

Brian Morgan <br />

Misdemeanor here <br />

I can't see <br />

I can't see (1-2) <br />

Nobody but you me (no doubt) <br />

That's something I can't conceive (say what

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