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Cody Simpson - Love Yourself lyrics

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Ft. G Love

(Verse: G Love)

No use cryin' bout lost luv

A heart gooder was back in the day

It was good alright, pretty damn good but not that good in the way

It's gone gone gone gone gone

And now I spend too much time thinkin' bout people do the things they do

Why take it personally? No way

I said where they at don't got too much to do with you at all

Models will be the first ones to walk away


After all u is, is another dog barkin' in the yard

After all u is, is another empty glass sittin' on the bar

After all u is, is a spinnin' tire on the car

U rode today, u rode tomorrow

So make a lil luv , take a lil luv

Give a lil mo' than u get

Got to luv luv luv yoself before u luv luv luv somebody else

U got to love yoself, u got to love yoself, yeah

(Verse 2: Cody Simpson)

They say don't cry 'bout spilled milk

Today's just about good enough, betta than nothin'

But not at all what I thought it be, I ain't meant to live this way

Take down the G's tellin' me what to do and what to say



Just sittin' on corner, tryna go down in history

Takin' it slow cause don't know betta

You could travel ten thousand miles all around the world

Tryna figure it out and end up back where you started from

And everybody always want to know what life is all about

But you got to live to figure it out, c'mon


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