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Cody Simpson - I'm Your Friend lyrics

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When u're down and u can't call upon ur mama no more

U can call, u can call on me

When u're low, we'll get high and dip our toes down in the ties

Cos' no-one is there to tell us "Come inside"


And I know u believe in angels

And u know I believe in u


And I know everybody goes through changes

But that just means we're all the same

All best friends start out as strangers

So rest easy cause I'm ur friend

(Verse 2)

And you're lost and u can't find ur way out of the trees

I will see the signal u set into the breeze

U know me well

I will rescue thee


And I know u believe in lucky chance

That u know I mediate under the circumstance



Sometimes when the sun is out, the rain is really pourin' down

If u don't want to think about it, build up all the float around it

We are all the architects of everythin' that's comin' next

Together we can build a bridge and walk away from all of this


When you're down and u can't call upon ur mama anymo'

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