Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson - Driftwood lyrics

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Let me sing it for you now

Now, ooh, oh, no


Hey Bruce untie my noose

Open up a bottle of whatever you chose

You see the naked truth

It’s only truth sometimes

And if your lookin’ for lies that’s what you gonna find


I gotta free my soul from the troubles of lately

Fallow my heart wherever it takes me

Let it fall on by like a piece of by like a piece of drift wood

Like a piece of drift wood

Ooh li- like a piece of drift wood


You win some, you lose some

And some that you win, you gonna lose

Don’t you?

You get some, you give some

You trade a little piece of your ufe

But nothin’ makes me happier that singin’ that blues

Ooh, ooh

Set my big brown hat

To my black pointed shoes



Ain’t no mind to this troubles on the telephone line

The sun still shines, we got more of that win

It’s time to start thinkin’ got no time to decline

_____(?), simple pleasures of mind

Yours if you want it, you got time in the day

Find welth in the lovin and you never be grey

A piece is missin’ from the puzzle,

It’s the piece that you need, a piece of mind

You gonna find it, meditate by the sea

Be free with all the tree in all that air that you breath,

Just breath

They can take away and soul but they can’t take pride

Slow ride, that’s right

We gonna sleep in that forest tonight

Oh we gon’ go, we gonna sleep in that forest tonight



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