Cocoanut Groove

Cocoanut Groove - Madeleine Street

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It seems such a long time ago now

And still somehow just a second away

But if feels like these old streets were different

when you and I were young

Took a walk down the street

Like a record on repeat

I just can't seem to let it all go

And spring is on the rise

There's a pale suburban sky looking down on the city below

It seems such a long time ago

Strange how the littlest details

will bring you back with a finger snap

And if these walls could talk what would they say?

Where would they even start?

And now I'm standing on your street

Tapping my feet to the rhythm of a song inside my head

Searching for the sweetness in bittersweet

And though it seems such a long time ago

some things just carry you back you know

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