Cocoanut Groove

Cocoanut Groove - Lately

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Lately I've looked at the moon

through the dim window-glass of this old cellar room

And winter has come since we last talked

Fog's rolling in on the river walk

And the noise from the motorway stays the night through

when the working day's over there's not a lot that I can do

So I write you these poems & make silly rhymes

And watch the clouds go drifting by

And when twilight comes I sometimes go for a walk

the wind is in the branches & the frost is in the bark

of the Winter Street trees as they reach for a pale sky

you can almost hear them sigh

And I bet you've been wondering just what I've become

Now you know I'm still right here where the story once began

And writing you name on this steamy window glass

as the moon above the cellar is rising at last

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