Cocoanut Groove

Cocoanut Groove - A Dream Of Two Summers

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Did I fall asleep under the spruces in the garden?

Because I had the strangest dream & you were there

We walked along an empty riverside at dawn

& you could almost touch a crimson august sky

I knew that I'd been there before

But when I reached out for you

the scene was changed & then

I was on my own again

Next thing I know where in a car towards the south

& I know the song we're singing all too well

It seemed so close but at the same time far away

like the roaring of the sea inside a shell

How did I go from there to here?

I never noticed growing up, up and away

into this hazy shade of gray

When I awoke I felt raindrops on my face

& there were dark clouds piling up across the sky

I didn't know if I was still inside the dream

& for a moment time stood still or so it seemed

I'll flip a coin & if it lands on tails

then I'll stay in these memories forevermore

So drop the coin to the floor

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