Clyde Carson

Clyde Carson - U & I lyrics

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(ft. Talib Kweli)

Oh no no baby we don’t ..shit .. my cool ..

Corner .. is a full .. just in case you come a wolf shit

Gotta was gotta everywhere, up low, up lift represent the ..

Get used to the stairs, if you plan to follow me everywhere

Atrack attention attract interest, curious to see if I react ..

Furious to be ..that beatless, somehow is like .. soft my enemies,

Off my enemies, I off this Keneddy’s, off the ... pick in em ...

U and I

I, I

From the hood when they open get us warm

do you playin ground for love .. strong,

soon as we get on we leave the women ..

step in the dawn she lovin our perform

may to hit the .. stage every night with the block like a monitor

.. real fresh .. the future was not written

Driven plus you just survive you’re not livin’ crucifixion but the Jesus that you know from the Bible is not reason

This is not a religion is still ..they unlock in the prison they still ..

I count my blessin’ when I .. they’re comin back for sentence.

Let’s ..just you and I

I, I

Asking me ..come over every night

.. I see it beyond your sight

I just wanna do without no no lights

but I gotta fight .. prayin for my niggas ..

I just want the buff and the stage

move like ..on the ways but I gotta move out of way

‘cause time is money the ways for no ..

Was mistakes ..for romance .. even if you’re down with the program

.. ‘cause the whole hands ..

..for the pictures livin up my niggas damn ..

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