Cliteater - I Killed R.V.

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Dull, stupid, ignorant face

Smashing it into pieces, a brick never fails

Now I never have to see your grin again

My boots are made for stompin'

And that's just what they do

This day my boots are gonna fucking crush you

Crushing your genitals, beautiful

Snapping sounds

Free sterilization,

Accept my generosity

Incessant torture, you fucking asshole

Is what I got in store

Now you die

Hate, Hate, Hate

I killed R.L.

Wish I could do it over again

I killed R.L.

Trust me, I will piss on your grave

Hate, Hate

Tremendous pain is not enough

This is my indemnity for your deeds

To forgive is of no use in this case

I'll leave you here to rot and die

You'll never find your peace

You'll never find your peace

You'll never find your fuckin' peace

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