Cliteater - Extort To Saturate

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Your face is slammed against the cold and moisty wall

Blood is dripping from your eyes

My godly knife cuts from your neck to ass

Rub my genitalia against your spine

Sensational stench is breaking free

I love to be inside of you

Feeling your warm and bloody entrails against my scrotum

Your screams turn into gurgling sounds as my knife ramms your


An insatiable urge to lick your red juices overcomes me

My fingers welcome your gory innards

I spit on my dick and now I masturbate

My tongue now finds it's way into your neck

Like licking a clit it spreads a smell

The o so sweet smell of human blood fills the air

I sniff and sniff until it tickles my nostrils

In paranoia I dwell

Now far from the real world

I find this state so swell


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