Cliteater - Disease

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Swarming mass of ignorant vermin

Floating along the stream, confessing


Dumb in their own beliefs

Crucifixion of individuality

Superficial train of thought

Believing there's got to be more to

Life than this

Arrogant, place yourself above all life

Everything ends, so will existence

Religion, reason of worldwide wars

There's no god, no one will be saved

Religion, one always has to cling to

There's no Allah, stop your cult rituals

Religion, Mass murder generator

There's no Buddha, no supreme higher being

Religion, excessive blunt fellatio

There's no Satan, dark childish opposition


No Christ, no Mohammed, no after

Accept the finite time in your paradox

Appreciate life given by your bloodline

There's nothing, everything ends, nothing

Nothing, Nothing, Ending, Ending

Ending, everything ends


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