Cliteater - Consumed

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Inumerable offers presented by the web

Made two twisted minds choose to take

Their final step

Two psychos, plotting and planning

To shock the world beyond belief


To be, cooked and boiled

To be, cut and chopped

To be, hacked and slain

To be eaten in sane

Free cannibalism in this free world

It's my body, it's my right

[Repeat chorus x2]

I want to be eaten Eat all my limbs

But don't let me die before

I want to see you consumming me

Grant me my final sick twisted orgasm

I want to scream and bleed

Let me accompany you with eating my phallus

My own dick in my mouth would be a great

Last taste, before I reach my eternal chasm

[Repeat chorus X2]

I want to bleed, and be, CONSUMED

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