Claude Kelly

Claude Kelly - 10 Feet Tall

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there is a place

there is a place

where not even your words could make me cry

It's where I used to hide

but not today not today

I'm shaking all the weights that tied me down

feeling so high now


I am above the mess you once tried to put above my heart

not even for a minute would I go back I found a brand new start

I don't need your help look at myself

I am better on my own it's the best thing I fell on

I am feelin 10 feet tall today

I am so up now heading that clouds

nothing you can say gonna bring me down no

I am feeling 10 feet tall today (repeat)

baby look at me now (repeat)

every now and again I miss that little place I call my own

It felt so comfortable

that's when that's when I lie myself that it's my time to soar I've been through so much more


look at me now this is crazy

I am feeling so elevated

Now I'm discovering the best of me without you

My whole view is amazing

Basically all that im saying is that baby I'm over you

Thanks to HLM correcting these lyrics

Thanks to HLM for correcting these lyrics

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