City And Colour

City And Colour - Make Believe

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I was raised in catholic school,

Taught to obey that one golden rule

That is, He who sits in the Heavens above

Deserves all your praise, devotion and your love

Because He had a son who had died for our sins

And with that sacrifice came a sense of contrition

That we all seem to feel when we're down on our knees

Looking up to die hoping He'll answer all our needs

But I tend to believe that it's all for not

And when the sun does set, all our souls will rot

Along with our flesh and our bones and our blood

Will seep into the earth reconnecting with the mud

And I think to myself, what a beautiful lie

To waste being devote to what could all turn out to be a lie

To be a lie

Now I do not know, but I have been told

If you don't believe in Him, well then the devil owns your soul

But let us just examine what's below this land

It's the story of a man with a pitchfork in his hand

Could you honestly believe in such a tall, tall tale

Something that sounds so make believe

Just like the sailor and the whale

Well I guess that this song has sealed my own fate

Lucifer won't take me, ain't crossing through no pearly gates

But if either one exists well that's fine by me

I will gladly spend the afterlife waiting in purgatory, purgatory

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